Dmitry Dygalo

Czech Republic

I am a team lead at in Prague. I started with Python in 2010 as a hobby during the university, then switched to a fulltime developer job after graduation. I love writing tests and cares about code maintainability. My hobbies are open source and traveling.

Stop writing tests for your web API! Try to generate them first Talk

English language

Having a comprehensive test suite is a crucial part of modern software development. But often, writing tests at scale is a tiresome and error-prone process.

In this talk, I will share thoughts and ideas about the applicability of property-based testing for web applications, show concrete examples and tools that will improve your test suites with minimal efforts.

We'll go through problems in testing that we are facing in and the story behind Schemathesis - a tool that brings a popular Hypothesis testing library to the world of web applications.