Roman Imankulov


Roman is a software developer who started his career creating web apps with Django before it was cool. Eventually he sticks to Python for more than a decade, successfully using it as a golden hammer it to solve all kinds of problems. Originally Russian, at the moment he lives in Porto and works at Doist as head of the back-end development team.

Evolution of a twelve-year-old project Talk

English language

Imagine a tool, created by a student in his free time to solve his personal needs. Chances are the lifetime of such project counts in weeks or months. Yet that's exactly how Todoist has been started in 2007. Fast forward, 12 years, and it's a successful project with millions of active users, active development and big plans ahead.

I personally take care of Todoist since 2012, it's about 7 years. In his talk, I will share my challenges, wins failures, and things I learned working with the codebase.