PyCon SK posponed to 2022

Due to the lasting COVID-19 situation PyCon SK will not take place in 2021. Instead, we have decided to return back to organizing online Python meetups - for more details subscribe to our Newsletter.

PyCon SK posponed to June 2021

In early March we took the difficult decision to postpone PyCon SK. To minimize the potential for COVID-19 community spread, we decided to act swiftly and responsibly, even before the authorities banned large gatherings. In the past few days, we have been faced with a similar situation and, after discussions with many of you, we are postponing PyCon SK to June 2021. We'll announce the exact date soon.

PyCon SK will be postponed.

COVID-19 virus is spreading across the Europe and unfortunately Slovakia is no exception.

We have monitored the situation closely and we have been discussing with the Public Health Authority and being advice to postpone the conference. We prepared number of proactive measures, but we are not able to guarantee health and safety of our attendees. We have considered the option to do the PyCon SK online, but we believe that the spirit of the community is by getting together.

We have made a responsible decision to postpone PyCon SK to later date. Conference will happen in September 2020.

We do apologize for the trouble and we hope you'll understand our decision. We do hope our decision will not cause you too much inconvenience.

Thank you for your support and look forward to the September 2020 meeting.

PyCon SK risk assessment on COVID-19.

Right now, there are zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Slovakia. We have been in touch with the Public Health Authority and they said that there are currently no limitations on public gatherings but also pointed out that the situation may evolve. We have discussed a number of proactive measures to make PyCon SK safe event. We do take COVID-19 seriously, and preparing for several scenarios, but so far there is no reason for panic.

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Python 2 Good Bye Party.

Did you know that the last Python 2 release 2.7.18 will be released in April 2020: Python 2 has been with us almost 20 years and Python 2.7 itself nearly 10 years. We decided to make Python2 Good Bye Party! If you are on PyCon SK 2020, come to a good bye party on Saturday 28th, it will be the last Python 2 good bye party in Europe! The tickets are already available for sale...

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We celebrate the Day of Fighting for Freedom and Democracy.

On 17th November we celebrate the Day of Fighting for Freedom and Democracy. Thanks to this event we can freely organize PyCon SK. We want you to celebrate with us. During the holiday you can use 17% discount for tickets using discount code "30-rokov-slobody".

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