Emilie Sengstschmid


Emilie Sengstschmid is working as a software engineer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In 2016 she joined the Portfolio/Showroom project, whose main aim is to enable artists and scientists to announce, store and publish their own work and to exchange ideas with colleagues. Her responsibilities concern the entire development process from requirements engineering to deployment. She had worked on high performance applications at the Austrian Federal Computing Center before. She holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering.

Portfolio: How to build a flexible web application using controlled vocabularies and data schemes Talk

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The presentation of art works requires a very versatile and flexible web application. Artists use different media and presentation formats (exhibition, installation, performance, dance, music, etc.). Portfolio is a state-of-the-art research information system designed specifically for the needs of artists. Portfolio’s requirements included creating different and flexible object types which can be defined through a controlled vocabulary maintained by a special non-technical user group.

Portfolio is built with Django. To fulfill the requirement of flexible and expandable object types a single PostgreSQL JSON database field is used to save object specific data. Data schemes for JSON serialized data are built with marshmallow, a library for simplified object serialization. Skosmos is used to publish, and provide a REST API for the controlled vocabulary which is maintained by non-technical users through VocBench, a web-based, collaborative development platform for managing SKOS thesauri. Portfolio provides a REST API for its Vue.js powered frontend and communication to other applications.