Peter Dolák


Contributing to Exponea's core product mostly as a backend developer in Python, Go and C++ for over 5 years since finishing studies at Computer Science at FMFI UK BA, helping Exponea to become one of the leaders in the CDP and Marketing Cloud market. Have developed many other for-profit and non-profit web applications, with the most popular one having been used by over 100k registered users across the globe.

This too shall parse Talk

Anglický jazyk

You used a parser the last time you ran any Python script. You created a simple parser the last time you wrote any regular expression. But when your program needs to understand languages that regexps just don't get, you may have to reach for a proper context-free parser. In this talk I will focus on the kind of problems that need such a parser, how to define artificial languages with grammars, what kinds of parsers there are and what are they suited for. I will also show off the Python parsing library "lark" and some cool stuff I made with it for Exponea - like our own query language.