William Galindez Arias


Born and raised in Colombia, studied Electronic Engineering specialized in Digital Electronics, former exchange student in Czech Technical University in the faculty of Data Science. Started professional career working in Intel as Field Engineer and Oracle as Solution Architect in Colombia. After some years in the industry became a student again in Prague (CZ) in the field of Machine Learning, jumped back to Enterprise Software industry as Solution Architect in CA Technologies for Europe. Currently performs as advisor of Colombian Startup focused in building NLU Chatbots and Web Applications and at the same time works as Engineer in French Company developing Bots for automation.

What if a Chatbot can become your language teacher? Talk

Anglický jazyk

How does a Colombian expat living in Prague learn a notoriously difficult language? While going beyond dry lessons and into actually understanding how to hold conversations? Discover the intersection between people and algorithms when it comes to learn words and meaning. Join the discussion of how leveraging recent state-of-the-art NLP models (from RNN to Transformers) can have an impact in the way we learn, communicate and educate.